How to definition domain and hosting


What is Domain?
Everyone in the world has an own name, every shop need an address. And without exception, our website also needs to have something for people calling, typing, accessing when publishing to the Internet.
Well, it is domains. It is your identity, your store or your products on the internet. Name may be the same, but the domain has only one. The first domains will belong to person who subscribes first.

Structure of domains consists of two parts. We tentatively call the head and the tail. Two sections are separated from each other by dots.
– The head: shows the name of the entity or individual. Example: izwebz; lucid; thachpham; ….
– The tail: is the type of domain. There are two types of domains: International (.c-o-m, .net, .o-r-g, .i-n-f-o) and national (.vn; .us, .ca, .jp; .tw; …)
When we c-o-mbine them together, we will get the fully qualified domain name. Example: minhman.c-o-m; izwebz.c-o-m; thachpham.c-o-m….
Currently, according to statistics on Godaddy.c-o-m, there are more than 1005 kinds of domains and it is divided into many different types such as e-d-ucation (.academy; .e-d-u; …), business (.c-o-mpany; .club; .business; …), technology (.chat;. codes; .camera; …) and many other funny domains like .w-t-f; .x-x-x; … You can see in this below list.
Besides, if we divide by level, we will have level domains 1; level domains 2. For example, domains, vietnam.g-o-v is level domains 1;, is level domain is 2. Of course, each domains (the tail) has own functions and tasks.
.c-o-m – for all genres. This is extremely popular domains
.o-r-g – for organizations and businesses; socio-political organizations
.i-n-f-o – for individuals
.g-o-v – for government and non-governmental organizations
.e-d-u – for the organization of training education
.w-t-f – for the fun genres
.x-x-x – for jav genres or adult genres
What is Hosting?
You’ve got the name (domain- content hosting), but you needs to have the space to store the images, articles, source code… and this place is called as hosting or server.


Server is a hardware system for storing data. A server can contain many different share hosting. Most of the hosting you buy is share hosting. However, many people still choose to share hosting instead of renting a private server because the cost of share hosting is cheaper and it is easier to use.
What VPS is?
VPS word stands for Vitual Private Server. VPS is created by dividing a physical server into multiple virtual private servers. Each virtual private server is a separate system with its own operating system and IP address. Shortly, you have full management of their virtual private server. However, you need to have knowledge of server management, security, configuration… when using VPS. Of course, when using VPS, the capable of operating is much more superior than the share host.

How to link the domain and Hosting, VPS, Server?
As I said before, every Hosting, VPS, Server has a private IP address. Domain will communicate with the host via that IP address. It means that domains is a nice name and easy to remember to visit the website instead you have to type a series numbers which is very difficult to remember.
Using IP: You log in the area of domain management and DNS Zone section and edit A Record into IP of Hosting or VPS which provider gave you when registering.
Using Name Server addresses: If you use DNS, Name Server is in the management section. You change into Name Server which provider gave you when registering Hosting / VPS. Name servers usually takes the form sub domain, for example: ns.domain.c-o-m; ns1.domain.c-o-m; …

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