Domain and public hosting services


Domain and public hosting services
When conducting a website deployment, it should be noted that the selection of servers to host (Content hosting) is the most concern but it is not necessary to focus on its interface. A website with standard hosting service will make a marked difference, viewers will not annoy when not accessible.

Hosted services connect the data files of your website to the internet backbone. Two types of website hosting services management are “dedicated server” and “shared server”. The decision to select the type of hosting for your business website depends on the level of technical complexity of the website and bandwidth you need.

Small businesses mostly use “shared server” hosting services – where your website is hosted along with other websites. If your website has moderate capacity, the limited customization, and less need of requiring website integration with other parts of company, public hosting will be an ideal choice.

Today, public hosting services have competitive prices and the price is divided into packets such as: file data storage, the number of emails; and methods of transferring data files over the internet. They also offer other services such as: domain registration and e-commerce store building. Any service that they offer you should consider whether it can support and meet the requirements of the site, the application programs, database and e-commerce activities of your business or not.

What leading to difficulties in the selection, this is levels of hosting services. When you find a company that has the ability to meet your needs. You should ask your current customers who are using the company’s services some questions like: what are the technical advantages of the company? How often do clients no access this website? Will they continue to select the hosting company again if having opportunity? In addition, you could consult reviews about the company’s services on the Internet.


Some businesses, no matter how scale is, usually tend to use the hosting services on a dedicated server. The hosting service provider on dedicated servers typically installs a private server to serve your company. With data transfer capacity is 50 GB or more in a month; it would be beneficial for bandwidth that dedicated server gives. You also should concern about hosting problem on dedicated servers if the demand for your privacy is a top priority.

The pages providing hosting services that has potential usually allow their customer free hosting, however, businesses must accept that they have to put advertisement banner from service providers in a certain position in its website interface. Everything has its price. Monthly storage fees on shared servers are usually from 15 to 100 dollars, depending on the demand for services that your website need and the amount of data need to convey. Maybe you will have to pay a one-time installation fee. The fee can range from a few hundred to a thousand dollars / month, or maybe even higher, if Hosting on a dedicated server. The contracts that have a term of 1 year will be cheaper than the monthly ones.

Do not jump to fluctuate before invitations to provide hosting services at low prices. Credibility is the first standard for you when making decision to select service providers.

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